• lightning protection for your florida home

    Both your Homes Structure and its Internal Systems need Protecting

    Structural Lightning Protection

    Protecting Your Most Important Assests

    With today's modern Lightning Protection technology there is no reason to risk the disaster that comes with a Lightning Strike to your home. Structural Lightning Protection Systems are completey effective in protecting your property. Costs for the systems continue to come down so there is no reseaon not to get a On-Line Quote today!

    Lightning Protection for Your Electronics

    Whats inside your home?

    Today we have modern technology throughout our homes. Home offices, entertainment systems, lighting controls, etc are the life blood of your home. These systems can and should be protected from Lightning. Damage to these systems is also completey preventable. For an in person quotation for Electronic System Protection call today - 321-292-9457

  • lightning protection for your florida home

    Lightning Strikes the Earth every 8 Seconds

    Structural Lightning Protection

    Structural Lightning Protection systems work by providing an alternate path for the lightning discharge current. Instead of traveling through your roof and pipes the electrical current from the lightning strike is diverted through the conductors to earth where the current is dissipated. Check out the Video to learn more.

    VFC Lightning Proection

    What To Expect From Us

    VFC has been installing Lightning Protection Systems Nationally since 1989. Each year we install more UL Listed Lightning Protection Systems than any other comapny. VFC is a UL Listed Lightning Protection company and we employ LPI Certified Lightning Protection Installers. Our teams are proffessionals, they work safely and efficiantly. Call us today - 321-292-9457

  • Florida TEAM

    VFC installs over 500 UL listed Lightning Protection Systems each year - Meet our Florida Team

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    John Muldoon

    Facility Protection Sales

    Tyler Beminio

    Project Manager

    VFC is fully licensed, Insured, and Bonded

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    Ryan Hatch

    Lead Estimator

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